Mobile Pantry Program

We are very excited about the opportunity provided to us and the faith placed in us once again by Feeding America through Kraft Foods with the addition of this mobile pantry. This program is designed to deliver as much as 5,000 lbs. of food to designated distribution sites so that a church or other qualifying non-profit organization can distribute those goods to needy families. This is especially good for families in rural or outlying areas where transportation may be an issue. The farmers market-like atmosphere enables organizations who do not usually offer a pantry to become a significant player in meeting their area’s need without burdening them with the need for a permanent food storage and distribution facility, or the need for volunteers to drive to Second Harvest Food Bank to pick up food.

Mobile pantry distributions are gaining popularity all across the United States, for a variety of reasons.

  • The ability to reach unserved and underserved areas.
  • Lessens the burden and restrictions on a typical pantry.  No need for a brick and mortar facility, freezers, or having to “find a home.”
  • Allows more agencies and groups to become involved with feeding hungry people..  Nearly any organization can sponsor a mobile pantry.
  • Let us come to you!

Reach More

Is there a location where you would love to be able to provide additional hunger relief? Let our new mobile pantry truck meet you at the site you choose!  No longer do you have to find a facility, wait for an inspection and stock up on food.  We can load up our truck with freezer, cooler and dry product and bring it to your location of choice!  This will help stretch your dollar further by not having the overhead of a permanent storage location.  You will need to fulfill the typical reporting requirements for the distribution, but picking up from the food bank could be a thing of the past if you choose!

Serve More

More and more people are turning to pantries to make it through the month.  They may have no SNAP benefits or those benefits just simply may not be enough.  The mobile pantry is just one more way to work towards eliminating hunger in our communities.  By utilizing this mobile pantry, we can reach smaller towns and even concentrate on specific housing developments, thus making it more convenient for clients to access fresh, nutritious food.

How to Prepare

  1. Determine a time and a location to hold your mobile pantry distribution.
  2. Contact the food bank to schedule.
  3. Sign up your volunteers. (8 Minimum)
  4. Collect your supplies.
  5. Advertise your event.

Our mobile pantry program operates as a choice pantry which is able to offer our clients the choice of foods that meet their cultural, religious, and dietary needs and family preferences.  We are excited to help our agencies increase their outreach and variety of food with the addition of this new vehicle to our fleet!

Please contact Tyra Jackson at (937) 323-6507 x 112 or for more information on how the mobile pantry truck can help your organization reach more and serve more people in need!

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